Hitachi Magic Wand Recommended For Intimate Pleasure

We explain the benefits of using the Magic Wand Massager for sexual pleasure. Beautiful woman pictured lying on bed.

Since 1968, the first Hitachi Magic Wand (now sold as the Magic Wand Original) has been the number one choice in personal massage vibrators helping women and couples experience explosive pleasure and achieve mind-blowing orgasms. Over 50 years later, the expanded range of Hitachi Magic Wands, that include the Magic Wand Rechargeable, Magic Wand Plus, and Magic Wand Mini are no exception.

With their comfortable hold ergonomic wand design, and multi-speed vibrations that deliver a continuous intense rumble from their massage head, no matter what Hitachi Magic Wand you use, they really do, do all the work. Very rarely does such minimal effort reap such maximum pleasure!

While women are without a doubt the biggest fan of the device affectionately dubbed the “Cadillac or Rolls-Royce of vibrators” the Magic Wand can be enjoyed equally by men. No wonder it’s the number one selling personal massager and vibrator recommended by so many high profile sex-therapists and counselors!

To help intensify an already orgasmic or multi-orgasmic experience, a wide range of specifically designed Magic Wand attachments (for men and women) can be purchased separately. It is recommended to use a water based personal lubricant with the Magic Wand, as silicone lubricants may damage the finish of the massager and attachments. Don't forget, Magic Wand massagers are designed for external use only.

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