Hitachi Magic Wand Frequently Asked Questions

Looking to buy the genuine Hitachi Magic Wand? If so, you're in the right place and making a great decision. Find out more about this iconic product by reading our frequently asked questions.

What is the Hitachi Magic Wand?

It all started in 1968 when Hitachi released their first personal massager, the 'Hitachi Magic Wand' to the American market. It was (and still is) a two speed corded wand massager that operates on 110 volts. It's only available for sale in America and Canada.

In the 2000's, Hitachi collaborated with Vibratex Inc USA, appointing them as their sole distributor. Hitachi and Vibratex then went on to create a new lineup of more functional massagers, starting with the Magic Wand Rechargeable in 2015, then the Magic Wand Plus in 2019, the Magic Wand Mini in 2022, and the Magic Wand Micro in 2023.

Read our article about how the Hitachi Magic Wand has progressed over the years to what it is today.

Although Magic Wand® is trade marked by Hitachi / Maxell in Australia and around the world, unfortunately the term is used by many retailers as a general description for all brands of wand massagers. This makes it confusing for consumers wanting to buy a genuine 'Magic Wand®'.

There are five versions of the Hitachi Magic Wand, which are the:

Magic Wand Rechargeable HV-270 : Released 2015 - current. This is a four speed cordless massager that can also be operated on mains power when using the included power supply. When purchasing through, a certified AU/NZ 100~240 volt power supply is included with the massager. Through stringent testing and certification commissioned by us, the massager and power supply have been certified for Australian and New Zealand sale and use in accordance with government electrical safety standards and regulations. The Magic Wand Rechargeable is sold by us in Australia and to New Zealand which we import from the USA.

Magic Wand Original HV-260 : Released 1968 - current. The Magic Wand that started it all! This is a two speed mains powered USA power plug corded massager that operates on 110 volts which we do not sell. Formerly sold as the 'Hitachi Magic Wand, HV-250' from 1968, in 2013 Hitachi decided to remove their name from the product, re-branding it the 'Magic Wand Original, HV-260'. This particular massager is only available for sale and use in America and Canada. It's not available to buy or use in Australia or New Zealand due to its power incompatibility. Click here to read the full history of the Magic Wand.

Magic Wand Plus HV-265 : released 2019 - current. This is a four speed corded mains powered massager with very similar features of the Magic Wand Original and design of the Magic Wand Rechargeable. A certified AU/NZ 100~240 volt power supply is included with the massager.

Magic Wand Mini HV-135: released 2022 - current. Authentic, compact, cordless, rechargeable version of the famous Magic Wand® Original (Hitachi Magic Wand), with similar, compact styling of the Magic Wand Rechargeable and Magic Wand Plus. It features three speeds of vibration from its massage head, and supplies 2.5 hours of use on one charge.

Magic Wand Micro HV-60: released 2023 - current. Powered by a USB-C rechargeable battery, the compact 11.2 cm long Magic Wand Micro’s powerful, high capacity motor can hit speeds of up to 6,500 deep vibrations per minute. Like its larger relatives, the Magic Wand Micro features the famous soft, silicone head and flexible neck to comfortably transfer its power to wherever you choose.

Group product picture on a white background of the Magic Wand Original, Magic Wand Rechargeable, Magic Wand Plus, Magic Wand Mini, and Magic Wand Micro.

Important: If a personal massager or vibrator is marketed as a 'Magic Wand' by another retailer and it is not identical looking to the above pictured Hitachi massagers, it's not a genuine Magic Wand®.

If it does look like the above pictured authentic Magic Wands, and the price is to good to be true, then it's possibly fake.

Can I buy and use a Hitachi Magic Wand in Australia?

Yes you can. The Magic Wand Rechargeable, Magic Wand Plus, Magic Wand Mini, and Magic Wand Micro are compatible with Australian and New Zealand power, and can be purchased here. When purchased through us, the Magic Wand Rechargeable, Magic Wand Mini and Magic Wand Plus include a 100~240 volt AU/NZ power supply. The Magic Wand Micro includes a USB-C charging cable. Both the massager and included AU/NZ power supply have been tested and certified to comply with Australian and New Zealand electrical safety regulations.

The Magic Wand Original (corded massager) can't be sold or used in Australia, as it operates on 110 volts which isn't compatible with Australian or New Zealand power. Hitachi also restrict the sale of the Magic Wand Original to the USA and Canada only.

Are all wand massagers and vibrators Magic Wands?

No. Only the Hitachi range of personal massagers distributed by Vibratex are Magic Wands.

'Magic Wand' is a registered trade mark of Hitachi / Maxell in Australia, USA, Canada and other countries, and refers to their Magic Wand Original, Magic Wand Rechargeable, Magic Wand Plus, Magic Wand Mini, and Magic Wand Micro range of Hitachi massagers.

Certain retailers selling non Hitachi brand personal massagers and vibrators unlawfully use the term Magic Wand to name and describe their products. This is false and misleading advertising and trade mark infringement.

What is the life expectancy and quality of a Magic Wand massager?

Unlike cheaper, or over priced sex toy wand massagers on the market that are disappointing to use or fail prematurely, all genuine Magic Wand massagers are designed to last for many years of enjoyment. They feature high-quality rechargeable batteries (on the cordless models) and high quality components, as well as long lasting, quality built, high output motors.

The Magic Wand range of massagers are the only personal wand massagers on the market with high enough quality and function, that they have passed stringent testing carried out by the FDA in America, where they have been certified as a class 1 medical massage device. Now that's telling you something!

What are airline regulations when travelling with your rechargeable Magic Wand?

The good news is that you can bring your Hitachi Magic Wand Rechargeable, Hitachi Magic Wand Mini, and Hitachi Magic Wand Micro with you when flying. Have an awesome holiday, as you're permitted to pack your Magic Wand in hand luggage as well as checked-in baggage on all Australian domestic flights. For more detailed info, read our article on travelling with your Hitachi Magic Wand.

Are the Magic Wand massagers we sell genuine?

They sure are! The Magic Wand Rechargeable, Magic Wand Plus, Magic Wand Mini, and Magic Wand Micro are manufactured by Hitachi / Maxell and distributed by Vibratex, Inc USA.

We're Australia's import retailer of the Hitachi / Vibratex Magic Wand Rechargeable, Magic Wand Plus, Magic Wand Mini, and Magic Wand Micro. Our genuine locally held stock comes direct from the official USA distributor in California and Melbourne in Australia. We make it possible for the Hitachi Magic Wand range of massagers to be available to buyers in Australia and New Zealand.

Why is there no 'Hitachi' branding anymore?

Due to a re-marketing campaign by Hitachi in 2012, they decided to remove the Hitachi branding from their massagers and packaging. The Magic Wand range of massagers are still manufactured by Hitachi / Maxell, but no longer have the Hitachi branding, only the Vibratex distributor branding.

Vibratex, Inc. Who are they?

Vibratex, Inc is a USA based private company who are the sole distributor of the Magic Wand Original, Magic Wand Rechargeable, Magic Wand Plus, Magic Wand Mini, and Magic Wand Micro range of massagers manufactured by Hitachi.

You will notice Vibratex, Inc written in the instruction manual as well as on the base of each massager.

Where are the Magic Wand massagers made?

They're designed and manufactured by Hitachi of Japan in their quality controlled manufacturing facility in China.

Why don't we sell the Magic Wand Original?

The Magic Wand Original HV-260 is only available for sale and use in the USA and Canada. Being a 110 volt mains powered massager, it is not compatible with Australian or New Zealand voltage and power outlets. Although a cumbersome power convertor can be used, it is not recommended by the manufacturer and distributor.

What is the plug-and-play function?

The Magic Wand Rechargeable features a very handy plug-and-play function. It allows you to operate the massager as a cordless unit, or plugged in using mains power when using the included power supply. It's a great feature if the batteries have run flat and you want to use the massager straight away.

Have the best of both worlds, as no other massager does this.

Do the Magic Wands we sell include a warranty?

A 12 month Australian and New Zealand warranty is included. For more information, please refer to our warranty information page.

How to avoid buying a fake Magic Wand?

As quoted by the distributor, imitation is the greatest compliment. Unfortunately, imitation can also be an obstacle for consumers who want the real thing.

Because we're Australia's import retailer of genuine Magic Wand massagers direct from the official USA distributor, buying from anywhere else, you risk buying a fake or non AU/NZ compliant product.

Not only are there look-a likes out there made by other brands – usually of inferior strength and quality – there are also counterfeit products that pretend to be Hitachi Magic Wands, but are not.

Be very cautious if buying from eBay, Amazon, AliExpress, DHGate, and various adult shops. Many of the Magic Wand massagers available there are fake.

For further information, we recommend reading our article How to avoid buying a fake Hitachi Magic Wand.

If in doubt, feel free to contact us for advice.

Does the Magic Wand include safety features?

Yes, they're the only massagers on the market that do! The Magic Wand range of massagers are quite helpful and clever. If operating the massager continuously for longer than 20 minutes, the massager will automatically turn off. It's able to be turned back on straight away if needed. This safety feature prevents the massager from accidentally being left on. It also assists in prolonging the life of the motor, and preventing it from getting too hot from continuous lengthy use.

What's the noise level of these massagers?

Magic Wands operate with a quiet hum, with a similar operating sound level to an electric razor when on the high vibration speed setting. Compared to other wand massagers on the market, they are quiet.

How do the Hitachi Magic Wands perform as true therapeutic massagers?

Through stringent testing and quality control, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) of America has certified the Magic Wand Rechargeable, Magic Wand Plus, Magic Wand Mini, Magic Wand Micro and Magic Wand Original as approved therapeutic medical massage devices.

The clever designers at Hitachi have perfected the vibration speeds to not only offer low to high settings you'll actually enjoy using, but also designed the vibrations at the correct specified hertz (Hz) 'frequency' so they resonate deep, offering enjoyable pleasure and penetrating pain relief.

So if you're after the benefits of a heavenly massage, muscular pain relief, or mind blowing pleasure.... the Magic Wand range of massagers offer it all!

Are Magic Wand massagers safe on the skin?

Yes they are. Their vibrating massage heads are made from high quality body safe silicone.

Apart from feeling silky smooth against the skin, they're also hypo-allergenic, latex free, non-porous, and phthalates free.

Which lotions are safe to use with the Magic Wand?

For intimate pleasure, only use a water based personal lubricant. Never use a silicone based lubricant as it may damage the finish of the massage head and buttons.

For a relaxing massage, a sensitive skin moisturizing lotion is ideal. The use of butters, oils and certain lotions may damage the finish of the product.

Has the packaging and logo of the Magic Wand changed recently?

Yes it has. Hitachi and its distributor Vibratex did major updates to the packaging design and logo in the first quarter of 2019. Minor updates were made in the first quarter of 2022, and again in 2023.

Other retailers may still show the older packaging design and product logo in their product pictures. This is due to them selling previous version old stock. Our stock is fresh and brand new direct from the manufacturer and distributor.

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