Eco Friendly Packaging And Shipping

REDcycle soft plastic recycling service paused.

We have been advised by REDcycle that they have paused collection of soft plastics due to a number of challenges in their recycling network.

We will be working with REDcycle, Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO) as well as other industry partners as they work to resolve the issue and explore alternate pathways for soft plastic recycling.

We will keep you updated via this page.

To reduce plastic waste while protecting the environment, we've integrated and designed our shipping and product packaging for every order to be completely recyclable.

Doing this is an extra expense for us, but a worthwhile one.

How to recycle the delivery satchel and all the soft plastic packaging properly:

Cardboard and paper packaging is recycled as normal in your council recycle bin.

For soft plastics, please recycle these by placing them in a RedCycle bin. These bins are located at every Coles and Woolworths, usually just inside the entrance to their shops.


A picture of a Red Cycle plastic bag recycling bin against a white background with a Coles and Woolworths logo.



All the soft plastics you'll receive in your parcel are recyclable:

Plastic bubble mailer satchel,
Plastic bag insert for the massager carton,
Plastic bag insert for the massager,
Plastic bag insert for the power charger,
Plastic shrink wrap for the massager attachments.


If you have any questions, please use our contact us form.

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