How To Buy The Real Hitachi Magic Wand

Will the REAL Magic Wand please stand up!

"A friend recently called me so excited to tell me that after years of waiting, debating, hemming and hawing she had FINALLY bought a Magic Wand! She was so excited to get it home and try it. I was just as excited until she started telling me some details: She had gotten a really great price AND it was purple AND the control was a dial!

Cue the sad trombone.

My friend had made a sadly common mistake – she had fallen for folks using the phrase “Magic Wand” to refer to any wand style vibrator, like how many of us say “Kleenex” when we mean “tissue” or “Xerox” when we mean “photocopy”. Consequently my friend, who went in wanting the wand she had heard me raving about for years ended up with something else entirely.

How can you avoid this? Well, we’ve talked before about spotting counterfeit Magic Wands which can get tricky, and the good news is what we’re talking about today is WAY easier! If you are in a shop and someone is saying “Magic Wand” to you, make sure the product you are looking at is white – this legendary massager doesn’t come in colors! – look for the blue buttons on the Magic Wand Rechargeable, Magic Wand Plus and Magic Wand Mini.

Now, go forth and find your genuine Magic Wand!"

Credit: the above edited article is supplied from Janna Robertson's 'The Magic Wand Blog'.

Video Credit: ShmuManchu.

Don't make the mistake of buying the wrong Magic Wand massager. We're not referring to counterfeit Hitachi Magic Wands. That's a whole different problem.

We're referring to false and misleading advertising and trade mark infringement. Unfortunately it's practiced widely in Australia by many retailers selling any wand style massager, but marketing it as a Hitachi Magic Wand.

First of all it's good to know what the real Magic Wand massager is before buying.

Magic Wand® is a registered trade mark of Hitachi in Australia and other countries. It gives Hitachi the exclusive right to use the term 'Magic Wand' to name their now famous Magic Wand massagers.

There are four versions of the Hitachi Magic Wand, which are the:

Magic Wand Original HV-260

Magic Wand Rechargeable HV-270

Magic Wand Plus HV-265

Magic Wand Mini HV-135.

White background product picture of the Hitachi Magic Wand Original, Hitachi Magic Wand Rechargeable, Hitachi Magic Wand Plus and Hitachi Magic Wand Mini grouped together.

Photo credit: Vibratex, Inc. From bottom to top - Magic Wand Original, Magic Wand Plus, Magic Wand Rechargeable, Magic Wand Mini.

Because the Hitachi Magic Wand is such a well known brand and sought after product, many retailers mislead shoppers by infringing on Hitachi's trade mark.

They'll market their non Hitachi wand style massagers as 'Hitachi Magic Wands' or 'Magic Wands'. They do this to tap into a market of consumers ready to buy a genuine Hitachi Magic Wand, only to misdirect them into buying a cheaper brand massager.

Sadly, some buyers think they've purchased a genuine Hitachi Magic Wand, when they haven't.

Below are screenshot examples of Australian retailers using false advertising and trade mark infringement to sell non Hitachi Magic Wand massagers as genuine Hitachi products:

Screenshot of an online retailers product page showing where they name their no name wand massagers as 'Magic Wand®' massagers.

Screenshot of online retailers using false advertising in their Google Adword ads. Their ads state they sell Hitachi Magic Wands when they don't.

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