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As seen in Cosmopolitan USA, June 1, 2022.

Here’s How the Magic Wand Mini Compares to the Original Magic Wand Vibrator.

The downsized version may be small, but she sure is mighty.

As a sex writer and outspoken fan of all things self-love, I’ve tried just about every masturbation trick and toy out there. I’ve masturbated to TV shows and to VR porn using clitoral vibrators and vibrators that mimic oral sex, and ofc, my trusty ol’ fingers more times than I can count. The one masturbatory aid I’d never tried, however, was the original Magic Wand. So when the iconic vibrator was re-released in a mini version for the first time in 50+ years, I knew it was the perfect time to test out both the Magic Wand Original and the Magic Wand Mini to see how the newer, smaller, version lives up to its famous name.

In case you weren’t paying attention in history class, a little backstory: The Magic Wand—which used to be called the Hitachi Magic Wand—first became a thing in the ’60s when it was marketed as a “personal massager.” Like, you know, for muscles and whatnot. But by the 1970s, it became a symbol of the sex-positive feminist movement when women realized it could (and um, should?) be used as a clitoral massager. (Why, what did you learn in school?)

From there, the sex toy market became a legit thing that resulted in amazing innovation, and while there are now tons of wand vibrators out there to choose from, none of them have had as much of a cultural impact as the Magic Wand. I mean, come on: Samantha Jones loved it for a reason, y’all.

Half a century later, that original wand vibrator is still the key to countless orgasms. Having never tested it out for myself, though, I decided it was finally time to see what all the fuss was about. I closed the blinds, grabbed both the Original and the Mini, and helped myself to an afternoon of history-induced orgasms. Multiple climaxes later, here’s how the two vibes compare...

First up, I unpacked the classic—and frankly, kinda bulky—Magic Wand. If you’ve never actually held/used/seen the original Magic Wand, you likely have no idea how massive it really is. At a foot long and 1.2 pounds, it’s not a casual vibe you can discreetly grab in the heat of the moment.

Then there’s the whole “you have to plug it into an electrical outlet to turn it on” thing. Since this bb came out in the ’60s, it doesn’t charge via USB or take batteries like most modern vibrators. (But if that’s what you’re after, the Magic Wand Rechargeable exists for a reason.) Instead, you have to be within a few feet of an outlet to plug it in, and it’s absolutely not waterproof or submersible, so no soaking in the tub with your wand.

Luckily, I hate baths and I have an outlet right next to my nightstand, so I uncoiled the 6-foot cord and heaved the vibe into bed with me. While the Magic Wand Plus has four different vibration intensities, the Original only has two speeds: very fucking strong, and very very fucking strong.

I started with the first vibration setting, putting the smooth white head against my clit, and immediately had to throw some underwear on to act as a barrier because the intensity was a certified lot. (And later, just to test out how powerful this wand is, I used it over a pair of undies and bike shorts. It still did the job. Then I tried it while wearing jeans, and I kid you not, I orgasmed easily through the damn denim. Magic, I tell you!).

Typically, I like to ease into an orgasm and edge myself to climax, but the Original made that impossible. Within 20 seconds, my legs were shaking, and by the time I hit the half-minute mark, I was already writhing on the bed post-orgasm. It was like my body didn’t make the conscious choice to let go, but instead, the giant wand magicked it out of me.

Completely dazed, I decided to try again, this time turning the intensity up. To say I’ve never experienced as much power in a vibrator is an understatement. The thing had my whole body convulsing, and it felt like my literal bones were gyrating in their sockets. I could feel the vibrations in my stomach, my kneecaps, and my teeth. My clit was both numb from the vibration frequency and so stimulated that I had two more unprompted orgasms before I simply dropped the still-buzzing vibrator on the floor, my eyes unfocused and my ears fuzzy (which only happens when I have super-intense orgasms).

My husband—likely alarmed/jealous that I was moaning in our bedroom in the middle of the day without him—came in to find the giant vibrator discarded next to me. He said he could hear the super-powered motor three rooms away and wasn’t sure whether or not I was okay. At least, that’s what I think he said—my ears felt like they were stuffed with cotton.

We debated having intercourse while using the wand, but tbh, my arm felt like it was made of jelly and my clit felt so overstimulated that it was now way too sensitive to touch. Instead, I offered to use the wand on his back for a makeshift massage session which resulted in almost as many moans for him as it had for me. Remember how this thing was actually made to be a massager? It works really well on other parts of the body too, so you can get off *and* get the knots out in one sesh. Win-win.

If you dialed the Magic Wand Original down and made it a little more contemporary by nixing the cord, you get the brand-spanking-new Magic Wand Mini. At 2.5 inches smaller and over half a pound lighter than the original model, I immediately noticed that the Mini is much easier to handle. I could casually grab it without feeling like it was arm day, and it felt more like a modern vibrator versus a professional massage gun.

Since this smaller model is cordless, you have to plug it in to charge for a few hours before using it (which was a bummer when I went to reach for it a few nights later, only to realize it was out of juice). And unfortunately, for all of your water-bators, the Mini isn’t splash-proof either. But once this lil cutie is ready to go, it does the job and does it so well, you won’t even care that you can’t bring it in the tub.

Unlike the OG wand, however, the Mini has three different vibration intensities, and the first one is more chill than anything the larger version has to offer. If you’re more of a give me all the stimulation right TF now kind of masturbator, that might not be your thing. But as someone who likes broader, gentler stimulation to get things started, it was perfect. Plus, I didn’t need a barrier between the toy and my bod like I did with the original version, which felt a little more erotic, IMO.

Using the lowest setting, I sat back and casually felt my body build to climax. It was like a slow pull‚ like a volcanic eruption. The large head teased all around my vulva, and just as my legs started to get shaky, I turned the power to the next setting, which quickly made me orgasm. I liked the fact that I didn’t climax the literal second the wand hit my skin as I did with the Original, and afterward, my clit didn’t feel numb from all the buzzy friction.

Which meant I, of course, had to go for round two. You know, for science. This time I decided to turn the intensity to the highest setting to see the Mini in all its glory. The frequency of the vibrations (hitting 6,000 rpm) is the same as the Original’s highest setting but seemed somehow shallower. My intestine didn’t feel like it was being shaken quite as much, something I, personally, was a fan of. But that didn’t stop me from once again having back-to-back orgasms that left my toes tingling and my ears fuzzy. Just like the Original, the Mini knew how to get me an on-demand climax that puts other vibes to shame.

And later, when my husband and I were going at it, the Mini was supes easy to incorporate into our— ahem—routine. We didn’t have to maneuver around a cord like you'd have to with the Original, and it didn’t feel like we had a giant, buzzing brick cell phone from the ’90s between us. The resulting simultaneous orgasm it gave us? Another huge perk.

The Verdict:

While the Magic Wand Original is literally the original go-to device for clit-havers to get theirs, I have to say: The Magic Wand Mini is where it’s at. No, you don’t get quite as much of that “my fillings are literally rattling in my face” feeling, but you still get those magically-induced orgasms that made the original wand so famous, with a few modern upgrades.

Between the easier-to-handle size and the cord-free use, the Magic Wand Mini feels much more manageable, and in the moment, and it gives you less of that Shake Weight essence. If you want a vibrator that can double as a massage tool, get the Original. But if you want a compact wand that still packs some serious power, get the Mini. And while you can’t go wrong with either option, I have a feeling the Original’s offspring will soon take its predecessor’s place as the Queen of Making People Climax.


Written by Rachel Varina.

The original Cosmopolitan article can be viewed here.

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